The Collection

Zambesi will debut their first eyewear collection this Spring. The debut collection consists of three sun and three optical styles. Produced in collaboration with Australian based eyewear designer and optician Joshua Matta, the expertise of Matta together with Zambesi’s influential design is a perfect fusion of form meets function.

Embracing an industrial nature, the ethos of elegance and individuality is artfully embodied in the collection.  The designs are mildly masculine, consisting of classic and contemporary shapes that are understated yet highlighted with unique details such as mismatched ice blue and revo blue mirrored lenses. Standout pieces include the unisex square Aeronaut and Zambesi’s unique circular take on the wayfarer.

The collection is made in Japan, taking up to 5 months to perfect. Integral to each frame is the use of premium Japanese acetate, which involves a six week method of ‘tumbling’ to ensure a lustre that is unparalleled. The frames are fitted with high quality Japanese compound resin lenses which are organic and hand dyed to ensure crystal clear vision.  All hinging is hand riveted with quality stainless steel while the aeronaut is fitted with high grade spring hinges.  The combination of the handmade quality and premium materials used results in a superior final product.